Meet Vince Sheerin

Vince & Daryl Volunteers

Vince is a long time construction volunteer with Bend Habitat. (pictured with Daryl- another long-time volunteer)

In his own words:

“My work background is in education. I taught for 30 years in the Los Angeles area as a special education teacher in a school dedicated to children with various disabilities. It was a very rewarding job with a lot of dedicated staff and close relationships with the students. It was always a satisfying place to work. For many of the years my wife and I taught there.

I got started volunteering at Bend Habitat shortly after moving to Bend in 2000. I brought no building skills, but was willing to do most anything and ready to learn. I wanted to find a place where I could actively get involved in an organization with Christian roots that demonstrated the love of God to people who might need a helping hand. It has been a good choice. The people I have worked with through all these years have each been unique but alike in the desire to help others. It is a pleasure to share each working day with great staff and volunteers. Most of us are still learning, but the attitude we share is one of positive interactions as we tackle the tasks of the day.

I was asked to tell a funny story or reflection. I can’t name a particular one; funny or unusual things happen every day. Sometimes maybe we have a little too much fun as we share our lives in giving back to our community.

When not volunteering with Habitat, our greatest joy is enjoying our grandchildren in Oregon, California, and England. Watching them grow and learn is something we are very thankful for each day. Other activities I enjoy are cycling, cross country skiing, and hiking.

Thanks, Vince.“

No, “Thank You, Vince!”  We thank you for your dedication, support and continued hard work! We are so blessed to have you on our team here at Bend Habitat!